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Korvek, Dec 1, 11 12:02 PM.
Good news to everyone who has had trouble with 4.3's new dungeons, a new forum is up explaining tactics for the new end time instance! Enjoy yourselves and feel free to ask questions and give feedback, bear in mind loot tables are available in game in the dungeon journal and therefore I will not be including this information in the tactics posts!


Mr Robot knows all!

Luturna, Nov 30, 11 7:02 AM.
Since the patch dropped I have bought all my previous VP gear as JP but the problem that arose is what do i enchant or gem it with? I stumbled across and He knows all to max you to the best you can be! Give him a go it removes a lot of stress for you!

4.3 Drops Tomorrow

Luturna, Nov 29, 11 5:27 AM.
Heya guys just to let you know tomorrow 4.3 will drop bringing with it the Raid Finder along with The Hour of Twilight Raid, the new Darkmoon Faire, Transmogrification, Void Storage and 3 new dungeons to grind out. This is also now dropping the zandalari dungeons into the lower heroic dungeons but now only have to take down 2 bosses instead of 4 before the final boss. Convertion of your valor points will now become justice points and same with conquest into honor. You will now be able to buy previous teir gear with those justice points. My suggestion is if you haven't already is to cap both justice and honor points before tomorrow and take a huge advantage to the new jp gear and gear up. I will be offering a stock dump of Blue, Green and Yellow blue quaility gems for free so if interested send Nodawl a list of gems you would want as he has most of those recipies.

BOE Flip

Luturna, Nov 15, 11 6:48 AM.
New Golden Tip uploaded see if you can use when 4.3 goes live!

Gold Gold and more Gold!

Luturna, Nov 11, 11 11:40 AM.
Are you looking to make some gold? Look no further than Luturna's Golden Tips! Updated weekly with new advice and new markets to start you on you climb to gold cap! Find this under Members Discussion on the Forums!
Welcome To Dejabrew Guild Website

What is "Dejabrew" people ask well it is like de ja vu but after consuming large amounts of alcohol. We are a social guild committing to helping members with quest and achieving what they want from the game. We accept all members willing to be a positive force in driving the guild to be friendly place to allow members to be themselves.

We are currently building our first 10 main raid team and if you wish to be a part of it please announce your interest in the forum so one of our officers to get in contact with you either in game or via the sites mail system so please specify which you would prefer.

We are also looking for class leaders to aid help in members rotations, specs, gems and enchants so if you feel interest in that please let an officer know.

Guild Rules

  • No begging for money or equipment. If need arises ask on the forums and you shall receive help with what you may need.
  • If you have an issue with a player from the guild and cannot resolve it with them please bring the matter to an officer's attention. If you have a problem with an officer please see the Guild Leader. If the problem is with the guild leader, /w them a message if they are online if not send them a  and have a talk about it.
  • In a group or event open to all, guild members are always considered first and then everyone else.
  • Anybody can /w the Guild Leader anytime they want or need to talk to them.
  • Everyone must be treated with respect and no personal insults allowed within guild to outsiders or in world chat. Maintain decorum please.
  • Use forum for posting and read forum to be updated with guild activities. Don't be left behind.
  • Do not engage in behaviors that are frowned upon by Blizzard. This includes advertising the sale of accounts, or game money for “real life” money.
  • Anything that is against Blizzard's TOS and EULA are also against guild policy.

Loot System


Thank You


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